Albemarle H.S. Drama Dept.

Directed by Fay E. Cunningham

General Information

This part of the website will essentially be a condensed online call board; however, it is not always 100% correct! Checking the site does not exempt you from checking the drama board (located across the hall from the drama room/drama office). Any announcements that go out on the WPAT broadcast can also be found here in case they're missed in the morning, but still, please listen for the drama news and do not rely solely on the website.

President: Matthew Silvers 

Vice President: Elizabeth Catchings 

Secretary: Alexandria Hardin 

Treasurer: Kieran Rundle

Assistant Treasurer: Isabelle Kress

External Publicity: Claire Mills

Internal Publicity: Cam Edson

Fundraising: Kaitlin Burton 

Thespian Officer: Andrea Corbett

Outreach Director: Isabelle Johnson

Drama Club Updates

 Drama Club is considered a social club.

  • Drama club will be held either during Social Club Days during Club Week.
  • Please come out to the drama club meetings; we either meet in the auditorium or in the drama room (41). It's a great way to get caught up, meet people in the department and have fun. 
  • You do not have to be in a drama class or be a Thespian to participate in the drama club.
  • Please check the drama board to find out when the drama club days are.


 Forensics Team for winning Conference and Districts

Tech Olympic Team- First Place

Improv Team- Finalists

One Act Plays- Kieran Rundle and Matthew Silvers

All Star Cast- Armando

Best Actor and Actress- Samuel Major and Diana Harley 


Improv will be held on Friday afternoons every week in the drama room by Faith Silvers! Auditions for the Improv team are held in the fall. You do not need to be part of the Improv team to participate in the Improv games after school.


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