Albemarle H.S. Drama Dept.

Albemarle H.S. Drama Dept.

Directed by Fay E. Cunningham

The Society

The Thespian Honor Society is an international honor society that is comprised of students who are dedicated to theatre. These students must be initiated after accumulating ten points over the course of the school year and must work and remain active in order to maintain their Thespian status, or it will be revoked. As members of the honor society, students are required to give some of their time to the department by helping out with activities such as tailgate and the shows. This year we will be helping our community also, by reading at elementary schools, putting on plays at a food bank, and visiting kids in the hosipital.

Thespian Updates

This is the place to find all thespian news. Announcements are generally made through WPAT in the mornings (for events such as upcoming meetings). We will NOT being handing out paper fliers anymore, please check the website for all updates for meetings, tailgating, and community outreaches. There is a list of all meetings posted to the drama board (across from Ms. Cunningham's office door) where you can take one home.


In order to maintain your thespian status, you don't have to pay dues, but you do have to remain active within the drama department. We're not asking for a lot because we understand that students have other commitments as well, so please follow these requirements if you want to graduate as a Thespian.

  • Obtain 10 points a year
  • Help out with every show in some way (ushering/tech/acting/box office/etc.)
  • Help out with tailgate
  • Preform community service (such as plays and reading)


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